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9 Ball Pool

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Title 9 Ball Pool
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Are you ready for a game of 9 ball pool? You must hit the lowest numbered pool ball on the table before hitting any other ball. This is called the "target ball".
If you or the computer sinks the cue ball or you fail to hit the lowest ball on the table, then you have "scratched" and the other player can place the cue ball anywhere on the table that they want. This is known as a "ball-in-hand".

A player wins the game after sinking the 9 ball without breaking any of the above rules. If a player happens to sink the 9 ball without hitting the designated "target ball" first, then the computer is the winner.

Game Instructions Click on the cue ball, you will see the cue stick appear. Then move the mouse around the cue ball to rotate the stick to the desired position. Then click (not on the cue ball) and drag away from the cue ball for power. Then just let go to shoot.

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